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Plastic Pressure Point Therapy Neck Massageador Massagem Relieve Hand Roller Neck Massager For Neck Shoulder Trigger Point


Office acupuncture neck and neck massager
3 colors: Blue/ green/ pink
Description: the main body adopts the combination structure of bracket and roller to form beautiful and durable product features.

Selling point:
Fashionable and durable: Proud swan fashion shape, fold-resistant material, not easy to break.
Meet multiple needs: Improve your blood circulation to release your fatigue, which improves your sleeping quality and maintains good body energy.
More comfortable and safer: Removable for Washing, clean and hygienic.
Who can use that: Who wants to feel refreshed and relaxed, in the car/dorm/office/home/outdoor, etc. Just need a massage for 10 minutes every day.

3D floating-point design, bionic finger massage floating point
Flexible stand, adjustable width
360° massage muscles, bid farewell to elephant legs, restore muscle soreness after exercise
Leg massage to rinse leg muscles
Arm massage, swing the butterfly arm
Neck massage, pressing the swan neck
Outstanding temperament with popular colors

Way of use:
1. Place the massage soft head part on the back point of the neck, press the massager handle back and forth.
2. The pressure ratio can be adjusted by rotating the massage head.

Matters needing attention:
1. This product is non-medical equipment;
2, please do not use this product outside the prescribed scope.
3, long hair, please put down your hair and use it to avoid hair entanglement.
4, please pay attention to the pressure level and avoid excessive pain during the use process.
5, do not press in the half part of the neck;
Color: pink, blue, green.

Packages include:
1* Massage tool


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